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Adapters are an easy and time-saving solution when the required connection between your output and input devices differs. If two audio, DMX or media cables don't match, an adapter can be placed between them to connect them correctly and reliably. In addition to using an adapter, you also have the option of using a cable with different types of connectors instead. Such cables are called 'Y cables'.

About our Adapters

Highlite offers a variety of DAP, Neutrik and DMT adapters for a variety of applications. They can range from balanced and unbalanced adapters for audio and hi-fi purposes to speaker and transformer adapters for impedance matching. Because we offer complete solutions, we also supply various adapters for media and AV.

DAP and DMT are strong Highlite brands. We make sure our products are made from the finest materials and designed survive the rigors of frequent touring. They are valuable for both fixed and mobile applications because they are built to last and outperform. Are you looking for adapters? Search no further!

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