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ADE – Dockyard Festival x Mystic Garden Festival

ADE – Dockyard Festival x Mystic Garden Festival

As part of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), electronic music fans partied the day away at the combined Dockyard Festival x Mystic Garden Festival ADE 2023 in the Havenpark in Amsterdam on Saturday 21st October. Think! AV supplied and set up lighting equipment for several of the areas at the festivals with the company's Niels de Feij managing the light project. He also created the light design along with YES! Your Event Support's Itai Joosten who also worked as the technical producer.

The Dockyard Festival x Mystic Garden Festival ADE offered revellers the chance to enjoy electronic music in hugely contrasting settings. While the Mystic Garden Festival had a magical, fairytale-styled theme, the Dockyard Festival went for dark and industrial. In total, there were 6 stages with Chris Liebing, Dax J, East End Dubs, HI-LO, Olympe and Vuur headlining the Mystic Garden, Vision, Dockyard, Terminal One vs HE.SHE.THEY., _UNPAVED_, and TIJDMASJIEN stages, respectively. To ensure each area had spectacular lighting effects, Think! AV used a large number of lights by Infinity and Showtec to fulfill the ideas of the light designers (Think! AV's Niels de Feij and Itai Joosten from YES! Your Event Support).

At the Mystic Garden stage, 8 top-of-the-range Infinity S601 Profile moving head spotlights from the Furion series provided fast, precise movements with colourful, dynamic light effects. These were complemented by 8 Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 washers, 2 Showtec ACT Fresnel 50 WW theatre lights and 2 Showtec Blinder Flex Blaze that added creative blinder effects. A Showtec Mistique hazer added extra atmosphere. Other products used here included Showtec Truss Boosters and Showtec TED Pack LC dimmers.

For the TIJDMASIJEN stage, 24 Showtec Spectral M800 Q4 spotlights offered reliable, bright, colourful effects, while the versatile Showtec 3R Hybrid brought beam, spot and wash effects. Ultra-fast, precise movements and an electronic zoom from 3.6° to 60° from 8 Infinity iW-741 RDM moving heads offered plenty of variety too. Other light fixtures included 4 Showtec Vintage Blaze 55 and 2 Showtec ACT Fresnel 50 WW theatre lights as well as 2 Infinity TS-300 Profiles with zoom lenses. Another highlight was the powered 100 cm mirrorball by Showgear that fired particles of light all around.

Think! AV also provided lights for the Vision stage. Here, they used 24 Infinity iW-741 RDM moving heads alongside 16 versatile Infinity B401 beams that combine a powerful output with precise, fast movements and impressive effects, including 17 gobos and a colour bump wheel. A Showtec Blinder Flex Blaze, 2 Showtec ACT Fresnel 50 WW theatre lights and a Showtec Mistique hazer completed the lineup.

With so many fixtures in play, it’s no surprise that the lighting at the Dockyard Festival x Mystic Garden Festival ADE was spectacular.