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FX Hardware


Nowadays, FX Hardware is essential for any high-energy event and special occasion. They immediately help to create the right atmosphere. This can create memories for your audience to remember. At Highlite we offer a full range of FX hardware. Namely from fog, fazer, hazer, snow and bubble machines to confetti and CO2 hardware. We also have a range of FX hardware accessories such as fans, drop FX and FX consumables.

About our FX Hardware

Showtec is a strong Highlite brand and is primarily strong in creating next-level stage lighting and special effects. We use the latest technological innovations for this. We also ensure that our products are beautifully designed, easy to use and durable. We make sure you will succeed in finding both mobile and fixed FX solutions of any kind and for any type of location. We do this in conjunction with Antari, which is great at building fog, hazer and fazer effects.

Are you looking for reliable and highly functional special effects?
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