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Infinity and Showtec elevate the show at Wish Outdoor

Infinity and Showtec elevate the show at Wish Outdoor

The Wish Outdoor festival in Beek & Donk, the Netherlands, blends pop, hardstyle, urban, live, and techno beats into a three-day extravaganza. To bring an unforgettable atmosphere to the Nachtcollege stage, the lighting designer relied on products from Infinity and Showtec to create the desired effects.

Commissioned by Bromios, This is Life Group orchestrated the captivating Wish Outdoor event, which attracted around 60,000 visitors over the three days of the festival. To create an unforgettable atmosphere for the Nachtcollege stage, they called in the help of JK Productions, who chose Fabian van den Heuvel of Festix as lighting designer/operator on their behalf. All of them experts in the field, they selected Infinity and Showtec products to create an exhilarating show. A carefully selected range of state of the art equipment was used to bring Fabian's vision to life. A total of 20 Infinity iB-2R moving heads were strategically placed to illuminate the area with their powerful and dynamic beams. Their compact size, speed and multi-functionality make them an ideal solution for many event applications.

Complementing the iB-2Rs were 96 Showtec LED Octostrip Set MKII, adding a vibrant and eye-catching layer to the visual spectacle. The Octostrips are perfect for this and easy to use, especially when you’re programming for techno, according to Fabian. “They allow you to create an eye-catching infill in the set without having to activate the whole set and still looking great, which is ideal for this type of techno event.”

Supporting the control of the set was the Showtec Booster Pro DMX-/RDM-booster, while the Showgear SF-250 radial touring fan helped with the necessary fog dispersal.

As the night sky lit up in a dazzling array of colours and patterns, the Wish Outdoor festival proved once again that it's not just about the music, it's about the entire sensory experience. The collaboration of all involved and the cutting-edge equipment from Infinity and Showtec created an irresistible symphony of light and sound for the dancing and partying crowds.