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Infinity and Showtec light up ArtEZ

Infinity and Showtec light up ArtEZ

The ArtEZ University of Arts in Zwolle has a completely new lighting installation, beautifully designed and implemented by Inspiration Productions. The Department of Design, Music, Architecture and Art Education now has an upgraded and contemporary exhibition hall where students can show off their hard work.

ArtEZ University of Arts in Zwolle, the Netherlands, is stepping into the future with a beautifully stylish new lighting installation courtesy of Inspiration Productions. The design, music, architecture and art education departments now boast a state-of-the-art exhibition hall, providing students with a contemporary space to showcase their creative endeavours.
The upgraded installation features an impressive array of lighting equipment including 20 Showtec Accent Spots, 6 Infinity TF-300 Fresnels, 4 Infinity iW-741 RDM Washes, 4 Infinity Raccoon P14/4 fixtures, 2 Infinity TS-300 Profile Engines, 2 Showtec Phantom 250 Spots and 12 metres of Milos FQ30 Black trussing. This comprehensive setup not only enhances the visual appeal of the exhibition hall, but also provides a dynamic and versatile platform for students to experiment with lighting design.
The use of cutting-edge technology from Infinity and Showtec ensures that ArtEZ University of Arts remains at the forefront of artistic innovation. This new lighting installation not only illuminates the physical space, but also underlines the University's commitment to fostering creativity in the world of art and design. Take a look at the photos to see the new installation in the exhibition hall of ArtEZ University in Zwolle.