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Light Bars


By adding light bars to your stage you get nice colour mixing options for your show. This allows you to display colours in various patterns. For example, you can make colours light up alternately or move from left to right. Operating the different LEDs and sections is easy thanks to the many built-in programs. With most light bars, you even have the option of being able to take full control of your show by being able to operate each pixel individually.

About our Power Light Bars

When you go for a light bar, you can choose from both indoor and outdoor solutions. Outdoor light bars are more versatile because they are well protected against rain (IP65) but therefore also more expensive. Choose your products wisely, because Showtec has a choice of space, each with its own unique properties. Each of them can provide the perfect solution depending on your application and budget. In addition, with different models you have the option to add a diffuser for changing the beam angle.

Showtec is a strong Highlite brand. Are you interested in Showtec light bars? Please contact us now for advice–no strings attached–and receive an offer you cannot refuse. Or check our product pages for more information and find a dealer near you.