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Truss & SET Frame


A truss construction is the fastest and easiest way to install entertainment lighting, audio systems and special effects. You can use them at any location on and around stages, fairs and other event locations. At Highlite, we ensure that you have unlimited possibilities to connect a truss to your event or location according to your own wishes.

About our Trusses

Stylish and also solid solutions are single tubes, deco triangles, deco squares and nano trusses. These are therefore often used for showrooms or decorative solutions. Truss furniture can then help you decorate trusses. This way you can improve the look & feel of your location even more. Consider, for example, a truss tower or truss tower fabrics.

For heavy-duty jobs where a heavy construction is required, the professional Milos Pro-30 series is used. These trusses are still stylish, but can handle more weight. You can link a lot of light effects to it. Consider, for example, moving heads, spots or a stack of line array satellites. The possibilities of truss installations are limitless. For example, you have angles from 45 ° to 120 °, T-crosses, 4-way crosses and
truss circles with a diameter of two to no less than eight meters.

In addition to trusses from Milos and
Showgear, you will find special accessories at Highlite. You can think of connectors, adapters, spigots and spacers for completing your installation. Are you interested in a truss solution? Do not wait any longer and contact us for free advice and receive an offer that you cannot refuse. Or check our product pages for more information and find a dealer near you.