Please note that due to Easter, Dachser & UPS will not be picking up or delivering packages on Friday 29.03.24. Highlite will be closed on Easter Monday.


Bags are perfect for transporting equipment with a total weight of up to 20 kg. It is a perfect solution when you take your belongings or luggage with you by car, bicycle or on foot. Cases are better at protecting the devices to be transported, but gear bags are better at protecting obstacles in transit, such as your car. They are made of a thick layer of soft material. This makes them less likely to scratch or dent. Bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so chances are you can find one that works for your application.

About our Bags

DAP and Showgear are strong Highlite brands. Our bags are protective or even weatherproof covers for all kinds of equipment, such as stands, speakers, instruments and lighting effects. We also have various small tool bags for e.g. walky talkys and rigging equipment. Are you interested in a Highlite bag? Contact us now for advice–no strings attached–and receive an offer you cannot refuse. Or check our product pages to find out more and search for a dealer near you.