Decorative lighting company sources lighting direct from established factories around the world to bring you lighting that is made to the highest quality & certified electrical standards. All lighting supplies carry a guarantee for performance.

Design & layouts

Decorative lighting company are a tree, structure and event lighting specialist that can provide you with a total service to complete your light-scape concept or let us help with your design and installation requirements.

Hire or buy options

Decorative lighting company want your next event to be both memorable and entertaining. We offer hire or buy on most of our ranges and there is a network of distributors through out the states.
  • Attractive and Professional

    Wedding Lights are becoming more popular for adding that sparkle to your special day. Curtain light effects over head will allow you to construct the perfect  lighting of color and variations allowing you to create that perfect look There are many ways of lighting weddings by using beautiful battery lights for table decoration, curtain lights for backdrops and solar lights for exterior use.

    Make It Special

    Wedding Lights are an essential part of every wedding, from small weddings to large weddings. Decorate both the interior and exterior of the wedding halls and reception rooms, string mini lights over wedding arbors and trellises, create ambient lighting in backdrops, and wrap flower lights over bushes.

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  • Christmas Lights

    We provide indoor and outdoor Christmas lights ranging from selection of fairy lights for a domestic Christmas tree, through to garden lights for outside your home, right up to large scaled commerical installations. Christmas would just not be the same without Christmas lights, and they do not have to go just on the tree. Christmas is a great season, and one that brings out a real sense of spirit in everyone.

    There is no doubt that the glittering Christmas lights and the colorful holiday decorations that adorn homes, malls and businesses, help to set the tone for the holiday season and get people into a festive mood. Now I would like to ask you who doesn’t like holiday home lights?

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  • Hire Lights

    Make your next event , party or occasion more memorial with fairy lights or wash lights. Led light is a feel good effect And creates ambiance to any environment. A theme is easily set using lighting as colour story.

    Warm white has a filament bulb like appearance and as the name implies will add a homely safe warm feeling. Pure white Is cool, crisp, and sharp so there will be more energy to an event. Colours add fun or contrast to your settings. Lighting garden will draw an event outdoors or add an interest to landscape and building surrounds. Hiring lights is a good option to get a feel for the type of lighting and it applications for more long term permandent installations.Hiring allows you to experiment with lighting effects .

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  • Disco Lights

    Make a bold statement at your party with our clever and creative lighting system. If you have a halloween party, school dance, theatrical production or your bedroom - we have sizes and prices in  lights that will make them all look just right. All you need now is the music. Turn the basement, garage or any room into a dance palace with our mirror balls. We have different sizes and all the accessories.

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    Dance Lights

  • Ambient Tree Lights

    We are a tree and building light-scaping specialist. We know how nice a tree can look after we have weaved our lighting system around them. We provide the best lighting systems for any of your tree lighting project. Deco light is constructed of soft rubber flex which gives better UV qualities and is non abrasive to live tree bark surfaces. Lit trees on a main street will give character to a street and convenes a warm tranquil atmosphere to the area...

    Project Lights

    LED Tree Lights

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    LED Project

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  • Description: Marquee lighting overhead under silk liner and curtain back ground in slik sider liners
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